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Locks are a crucial part of maintaining the safety of your home, vehicle and business. If a key becomes brittle or soft or a lock malfunctions, the only way to solve the issue is to call an expert locksmith.

A locksmith is a professional who offers lock-related services like rekeying locks, repairing locks and unlocking mailboxes and safes without breaking the locking mechanism or door. They are also available for emergency situations.


If you’ve lost your keys, or need to upgrade your home’s lock security with high security “anti bumping” locks and a home safe, or want to install a master key system for your commercial building, a locksmith can help. Locksmiths have tools that let them repair or replace locks without breaking into doors or windows. They can also rekey locks, which changes the pins in the lock so old keys won’t work. This is a common service for people who move into a new home, or for businesses that need to prevent former employees from having access.

Sometimes, keys can become brittle or soft from prolonged usage, and break off inside the lock. When this happens, it’s important to call a professional immediately. Doing so can prevent further blockage or damage to the lock, which could make it even more difficult to remove from the keyhole. A locksmith can also retrieve broken key fragments without damaging the lock or door.


Our commercial customers have unique security needs. From simple lockout services, and entry point reinforcement & break in prevention to key control systems and master key system for offices, condos & buildings we have you covered. Our professional locksmiths are here to help with your business needs!

We offer affordable rekeying locks services for new tenants or to update old keys. This is when we remove the lock cylinder and change the pins in the key hole so that old keys will no longer work. This is much cheaper than replacing the whole lock and lock hardware.

Upgrade your home’s security with High Security “anti bumping” locks, a keyless lock, or a burglar proof, fire resistant or two in one safe. Call us today to find out more about our products and services! Our phone support is twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!


A locked car on a cold wintry night can be dangerous and if you’re stuck outside your vehicle you need an experienced locksmith to get you back in quickly and safely. Locksmith In Jupiter FL offers mobile auto locksmith services including lost car key replacement, ignition repair, lock repair, and more. We are also a factory certified Medeco dealer and can provide any brand of locking product you need.

Rekeying a lock is an affordable way to change all the locks in your home so that old keys will no longer work. This service involves removing the lock cylinder and changing the pins in the cylinder so that new keys will only work with this specific lock. This is an especially good idea if you’ve recently moved into a home or lost your house keys.


If you’re in a jam and need immediate help with a broken lock, or have been locked out of your home, car, office or apartment, Jrop Locksmith can send an experienced, well equipped professional to resolve the problem right away. They offer emergency services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get the assistance you need when you need it most.

If you move into a new home, and want to make sure that no one else has a spare key or duplicate, you can save money by having your locks “rekeyed.” This means we take the lock cylinder out and change the pins so old keys won’t work. This is much less expensive than replacing the whole lock. Contact us for more information.

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