Rekey Locks — Key Locksmith DC - Locked Keys in Car

Rekey Locks — Key Locksmith DC – Locked Keys in Car

If your key ring is starting to get crowded, it may be time to rekey your locks. Rekeying is a cost-effective alternative to replacing your locks and offers the same level of security.

Rekeying your lock involves changing the internal combinations of the key pins within the cylinder. You will need a rekey kit, screwdriver and pliers to complete the task.

Why Rekey?

Rekeying locks can be more practical and cost-effective than replacing a lock completely. It’s a common first step for new homeowners to take when they move in, as it prevents previous homeowners from potentially still having copies of the key (whether they gave them out to neighbors, dog sitters, house cleaners, or relatives).

In addition, rekeying can lighten up an overly stuffed key ring and simplify your key management by reducing the number of keys you need to carry. In some situations, rekeying is the only option.

Rekeying involves changing the pins within a lock cylinder so that old keys no longer fit. This is typically done with a chamber pick and a plug follower, two long tools with varying end shapes that insert into the keyhole and can push or pull pins up or down to change their position in the cylinder. Then, a key that matches the new pins can open the door.

Key Control

Rekeying locks will ensure that your key is the only one to operate the lock. It will also reduce the number of keys you have to carry around with you, making it easier for you to keep track of your keys and giving you a little peace of mind.

This process involves changing the pins within the lock cylinder to prevent previous keys from working. It is a simple procedure that you can accomplish with a rekeying kit, a screwdriver and pliers. Rekeying a lock can be done in a matter of minutes.

Rekeying is a great solution for new homeowners. This can help them to ensure that previous tenants, contractors or friends who might have a copy of the key cannot gain entry into their home. It is also common for landlords to rekey locks when tenants move out of their homes. It is a quick, cheap and easy way to improve security measures at a property.


Rekeying a lock involves changing the internal combinations, so that old keys no longer work with the lock. This is a simpler process than replacing the entire lock and is often much less expensive.

Rekeying locks is a common practice for new homeowners when moving into a previously owned home. This prevents previous homeowners or anyone else who may have a copy of the key from just walking into your home as well as provides you with an extra sense of security.

Rekeying is also a great option for people who want to lighten their key ring down to one or two keys. This saves them from having to carry around a large, bulky keychain and helps them feel safer.


Rekey Locks Washington DC is the process of changing the internal combinations in your existing locks so that they only open with the key you have. It’s much less expensive than replacing the locks and provides the same level of security as a new set of locks.

A rekey is also an excellent solution when you move into a new home. You never know who might have a copy of your key from the previous owner. Also, if you’ve recently fired your cleaning crew or house sitter, it’s a good idea to rekey the locks in your new home as well.

Rekeying is a great solution to lock-related issues, but it can’t fix problems with worn out or damaged hardware. If you have a broken lock, it should be replaced right away so that it won’t become a point of entry for thieves. If you’re worried about the cost of replacement, a locksmith can help you with some of these expenses by rekeying your existing locks.

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